A third emphasis of RGBC is “Making JESUS known to our neighbors and the nations.” This pillar is built upon the first two.  As believers mature and take an active part in ministry within the church, they can then be better witnesses outside of the church. Jesus has mandated that believers take the saving message of Christ to their homes, their places of employment, their schools, and to the entire world.

In keeping with our mission, RGBC is thrilled to have a Spanish speaking church, Iglesia de las Americas, meeting on our premises. Iglesia de las Americas holds their own 11:00 am worship service in Spanish. This is exciting, to know on Sunday morning that while God is ministering to English speaking believers, He is at the same time ministering to Spanish speaking believers in the same building! This serves as a microcosm of what Jesus is doing around the world in the hearts of people … of all nations.