Gulfport Report

First and foremost, I speak for the entire Mississippi missions team when I express how thankful we are that the church came together and financially provided our trip here. Thank you for sending us – Glory be to God!

Anyway, when I first arrived in Gulfport, I was startled at how much has remained unfinished – this long after the disaster. But I soon realized after watching a brief introductory video from 2005, filmed directly following the storm, that there has been much improvement! The initial catastrophe will always remain pictures to me – but it’s still real life to these folks. This trip has been an incredible blessing to me. Our team has meshed very well and the Lord has blessed us with wonderful unity, plenty of comedic relief and an adundance of spiritual fervor and encouragement to and from one another. We have also been joined by some incredible brothers and sisters in Christ from Alberta and Ontario, Canada. Nothing like some more hardworking hands, “eh”? We enjoy visiting with these wonderful people at every meal and they have been leading the way for us and giving direction at the work site. It’s also been a blessing to get to know these three couples personally during our days here. We love Canada!  

Our task is focused on one house that has been divided by a set of sisters into two ‘houses’. We are completely remodeling the inside of one of the ‘houses’ as well as scraping and repainting the entire outside. The Lord has blessed us with three days of remarkable weather for the work. Monday and Tuesday were sunny and warm and today we experienced some cool clouds and just a spot of rain during the lunch hour. Tomorrow, those of us working on the outside, plan to finish the painting. The hardworkers indoors have run into all kinds of crazy and unplanned things so we will join the team inside and most likely begin the dry wall thing.  Also, tomorrow is Thanksgiving! (We’d almost forgotten.) We will begin the day as usual and work until lunch and then return to Camp Hope. Churches in the area will be joining us here at camp at around 2pm and we will begin our holiday festivities. I am really excited and blessed to be spending Thanksgiving with these amazing people, God has been really, really good!

 Please pray for us: That the weather remains this beautiful so that we may finish the tasks before us. Thanks for such wonderful spirits, great meshing of our whole team and that this has been a lot of fun. The two people living in the house that we are working on – that the Lord gives us the words to say to them and that they would join us for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. Safety on the worksite and safe trips for everyone returning home.

With Love from Angie on behalf of the Mississippi missions team