Sheol and Hades

What did Jesus do during those three days and three nights in Hades? What is the difference between Sheol, Hades and Hell? Is there a difference? Pastor Mike provides an outline and two messages below about what Jesus did during those three days.

How Jesus Changed Sheol/Hades Forever! (Luke 16:22-26)

Michael O'Brien, August 5, 2012
Part of the Luke series, preached at a Sunday Morning service


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Christology - Part 5 ()

Michael O'Brien, August 17, 2016
Part of the Theology and Lifeology series, preached at a Wednesday Night service




1. Sheol 65 Place for the dead
2. Hades 10 Synonymous with sheol
3. Abandon 7 Speaks of “bad” part of sheol
4. Pit 23 Speaks of “bad” part of sheol
5. Abyss 9 Speaks of “bad” part of sheol for fallen angels
6. Tartarus 1 Speaks of “bad” part of sheol for angels involved in Genesis 6
7. Hell Same as Hades, only unbelievers
8. Gehenna 12 (All NT) Appears to be used synonymously with Lake of Fire
9. Lake of Fire 4 (All Revelation) Same as Gehenna, eternal place of torment for unbelievers, fallen angels, and Satan
10. Abraham’s Bosom 1 (Luke 16) Good part of sheol or Hades, only OT believers
11. Paradise 3 (All NT) Same as Abraham’s Bosom prior to Christ death, then synonymous with heaven
12. Heaven (the third) 39 For believers only, elect angels
13. New Jerusalem 3 Synonymous with Heaven