We are a conservative congregation seeking to glorify God in all things and promote His supremacy world-wide. By God’s grace we seek to be a church body whose ministry focus and philosophy is God-centered and not man-centered. God’s main goal is to glorify Himself, and we are privileged to be able to have a part in that. If God should lead you to visit or join us in promoting His glory and supremacy world-wide then we would be overjoyed.

Christmas Service Schedule

January 20
9:00 am Combined Bible Fellowship*
Genesis Kids Bible Fellowship
10:30 am Combined Worship Service*
Genesis Kids Children’s Church

January 27
9:00 am and 10:30 am Worship Services*
Bible Study Fellowship Classes Resume

*Berean Series

acts 242 small groups

Our Acts 242 Small Groups seek to glorify God by meditating upon His Word together (Acts 2:42). The groups meet every other Sunday night, beginning September 16, with discussion based on the Sunday morning sermons. These groups allow for intimate times of fellowship and deeper reflection upon the Word of God.

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