charis college & career

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Our College and Career Ministry seeks to Glorify God by having a high view of scripture and seeking to fulfill Ephesians 4 by equiping the saints for the work of ministry. We not only want to know the word, but seek to Romans 12, be transformed by the renewal of our minds from and with the word of God.


We seek to accomplish that in three ways:


1. We meet every Sunday at 10:45 am in the Fellowship Hall to study the word. We are currently thinking through the biblical world view on current issues.


2. Everyother Sunday Night, we have Theology Night at Ryan Minnie’s House. This is a time where we are able to fellowship and spend focused time thinkig through the Theology and Lifeology of the Atonement. We are using Mark Dever, It Is Well as a guide.


3. We seek to cultivate various ways of connections with the students and career age singles and the rest of the local church here at Redeeming Grace. We do this through the Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Small Groups, and  Fire Side Chats.


“The two things that will affect you most this year will be the people you meet and the books you read.”

The life of believers together, with all their diveristy within the local church will have one of the greatest  maturing affects on you over your tenyear at college. We would love to meet and connect with you. Check out our Facebook page for current events.


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